Startup Development

A big part of what we do is helping startups and small companies to strengthen and professionalize their organizations. We believe these young companies will shape the future of our country and will guide us to a more prosperous future. However, the lack of technical skills and vital resources means that these young companies require professional assistance. Thanks to a collaborative and unconventional approach, Seedble can be a business partner to startups.

We can provide a broad range of services to strengthen and structure a startup project and make it scalable over time. We accompany startups to define their business model and development strategy and to find the necessary funding for further growth. Also we help them create a recognizable brand and a solid web marketing strategy. Thanks to WABA Capital, a network of business angels of which we are a partner, startups will also have access to the experience of private investors, managers and entrepreneurs. For more information about WABA Capital please visit its website.

Our services:

  • Scouting and assessment of startup projects
  • Set up and development of startups (business model, marketing strategy and web development, brand identity)
  • Fundraising
  • Mentoring and coaching

Our Experts:


Alfredo Valentino


Giovanni Tufani

Startup Development


Smart Management

Optimize your business performance


Digital Marketing

Become a social and digital organization


Smart Working

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