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The Smart Working Concept is one of the most talked about topics in the Italian business scene. Organizations continuously seek to become more agile and flexible, in particular via the introduction of new technologies. However, the required cultural change for a successful implementation is often neglected. An organizational change cannot be established without the contribution of its professionals. The integration of the Smart Working Concept lays the foundation for the modern organization. This concept views the individual professional as the starting point for growth of the organization. By giving professionals more autonomy and responsibility, the Smart Working Concept helps them to find a better balance between work and their private lives. This results in an improvement of their work results and their well-being.

Changing the way people have worked for such a long time requires time, dedication and skills. We are here to help. With over 5 years of experience with the Smart Working concept, in Italy and in the Netherlands, we can help you set up this vital transformation of your organization. Each Smart Working project is unique as is each organization. This is why our starting point is an assessment which helps to establish a custom made approach for your organization. During the assessment and subsequent implementation of the Smart Working Concept we focus on the 3 B’s: Behaviour (organizational culture and management), Bytes (digital collaboration, IT) and Bricks (the use of different workspaces and the office of the future).

Our services:

  • Smart Working Assessment
  • Digital Workplace Design
  • Smart Working Project Management
  • Coaching & Focus group
  • Inspiration training session

Our experts:


Lukas Hartog


Andrea Solimene


Giovanni Tufani


Smart Working


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